Attraction Review: The Tate Gallery, Liverpool

The Tate Liverpool Art Gallery has a wide collection of British and International modern art, with a variety of styles. From large sculptures (Naum Gabo’s Head No.2), to fine oil paintings (Paul Delvaux’s Leda) to Marcel Duchamp’s  ‘Fountain’ replica (a urinal the artist found and decided to write on and make art), the gallery really has tried to house everything. It attempts to hold and collate all different types of art in a jumble… which doesn’t really work. There didn’t seem to be any underlying structure to the lay-out and everything was a little ad-hoc. The non-permanent exhibits were structured, so why not the rest of the gallery?

Being modern art, the pieces displayed were all kooky and strange in their own way. However, some of the artworks just become confusing. Take the urinal, for example… or perhaps the construction table with a mounted sex toy. Yeah. Well, it wasn’t all that bad, but strange and unique certainly seems to be the essence. This can be inspiring I guess, as with one art piece used a completely dark room and viewers would need a camera flash, or mobile phone to view the pictures on the wall. Though to be fair, opportunities of being in a pitch black room are few, and enjoyment can also be found playing ‘weeping angels’.

Perhaps it’s due to me not being into the art world, and I’m sure people more interested in that genre of art would find more enjoyment. But art to me is more about the picture perfect paintings… or the grand, intricate sculpture. I just can’t find much sense in most pieces of modern art.

However, overall, I would recommend a trip to the Liverpool Tate Gallery, as art is meant to inspire thought and opinion. And what better a way to form inspiration than to take a look?

For more information, visit:

Rating: 4/10


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