Film Review: The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing Spiderman came out on DVD this week and so a DVD night was called for. The AMAZING Spiderman: a re-vamp of the Spiderman series, directed by Marc Webb. I had high expectations for this film and over-all it was a bit of a let-down. Sure, there were some nice animated effects and it was fairly enjoyable but it wasn’t as big and bold as it should have been. No wonder it failed with its tousle for popularity against the Batman film that toured cinemas at the same time.

Starting with the man himself: Spiderman. The Spiderman (and Peter Parker) of this film was played by Andrew Garfield (that guy from ‘The Social Network’). Did he work as Spiderman? Not really… I can’t remember a time when he showed good acting emotion and the director portrayed Peter Parker as way too hip. He was a skateboarder! Since when was Peter Parker cool enough to skate? Also, its pushed in our face from the start ‘hey look… this kid is modern, this kid is smart’ cause he web-searches everything and we makes silly gadgets to lock his door. Making his web-shooters seemed a bit silly, too. I know it stays closer to the comic that way, but it makes more sense with Sam Raimi’s portrayal in ‘Spiderman’ from 2000 that shooting webs was one of the genetical attributes he gains as a ‘super-power’.

Next to the bad guy: Lizard. I understand the reasons for making Lizard humanistic, in regards to facial features… but at the same time, it looks ridiculous. It would have been much more menacing to have a more velociraptor look to the head, tweaked slightly to make it easier for human speech. The one in this film looked way too human. It was like Barney the Dinosaur ‘gone bad’.  The transformations, however, were cool and the parts where it was actor Rhys Ifans, but with lightly added scales looked quite nice. But the villain wasn’t threatening enough. The fight scenes between Spiderman and Lizard were fair, though.

Finally, the plague of 3D effects hit this movie hard. It tried to add in as many 3D swinging effects as it possibly could… and when watched out of the cinema they just look awful. There was even, what I like to call a ‘trailer sequence’ of swinging just shoved on the end of the movie for no apparent reason other than to show off the “marvellous 3D effects”. It wasn’t impressive on DVD and I wish films would steer clear.



7 thoughts on “Film Review: The Amazing Spiderman

  1. Agreed with most points, but I quite liked Lizard. I never read the comics, but he was scary enough for me…
    The point I most agree with is the 3d- the bits made ‘for’ 3d should be edited out of non-3d editions, in my opinion.

    • I too dislike the plague of 3D. Whereas it can offer a different experience, most films have the fact that they are 3D as their main feature, or one of them, which takes away from the film itself as they make certain parts, as Steven says, ‘for’ 3D. It’s for this reason I worry The Hobbit might not be as good as I hope.

  2. Yeah.. I hope they don’t have specific parts for 3D in the hobbit.. I quite enjoy like… film company logos and things that have 3D parts. Though its different cameras completely isn’t it? I don’t know much about film making.. but isn’t it quite difficult to change something from 2D to 3D? Like when they re-vamped Lion King and they.. didn’t do it very well.

    @Steven: I liked the lizard yeah.. but the film didn’t depict him scary enough in the face. The claws and that were all good.. but I dnno. The velociraptors from jurrassic park were scarier =p

  3. I am sorry but I don’t think this works as a good review. I found it slightly narrow-minded and I don’t think you have taken everything into account. Your point about the Batman film doesn’t really apply to the point your making, it wasn’t a question of the Batman film being a greater success because of the film itself although, admittedly it probably is a better film. You have not mentioned that the batman film was the third of a trilogy! People were waiting for it to come out and wanted to see how the trilogy ended. Were as the Spiderman film was new. The point about the new persona of peter parker is not valid either, this character was not supposed to conform to the past personalities of other peter parkers, that was the whole point! It was supposed to be different otherwise there would be no pint in making the film as it would be more or less the same as the first of the spiderman trilogy accept with a different villain and love interest. Finally coming to the the comments on the 3d effects, of course its not going to be remotely close to the effects on the cinema! They want the cinema experience to be unique if they replicate it on television or dvd cinemas would not exist! Films would be made and then go straight on to television and dvds. I’m sorry for being so critical but I couldn’t really see a valid point here

    • Hey, thanks for reading, I guess this review was a little more opinionated than most.
      Fair point for the Batman vs spiderman thing. The Batman Trilogy was huge and, as you say, it left people very hype and its not really fair to judge anything new against its popularity. But, when spiderman did come out, there was definately competition between the two (both being super hero movies and also both different companies).. even if its not fair competition, it was there.

      While Peter Parker probably shouldn’t be compared completely to the other films, I still think this presentation of the character wasn’t as good. You mentioned how there would be no point in making the film if the Peter Parker wasn’t different cause it’d just be a ‘different villain and love interest’.. and well, thats all you can really do with these films, isn’t it? The fact that Peter Parker is a little cooler in ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ doesn’t do much to the story, or add/take away any ‘point’. It just let them put in some skateboarding scenes for the.. skater-boy-loving girls to swoon over. The villain and the love interest, and how spiderman deals with it all is what makes the movie.. its what it is. They didn’t change the spiderman ’cause without a slightly different interpretation of his character, there’d be no point in making the movie. In fact, they probably just saw how well the batman and avengers movies were doing and decided to jump in on the bandwagon while its still hot.

      By the 3D effects, I more mean I dislike how they keep the 3D effects in the DVD. Fair enough if there are effects in the cinema.. its the way cinema is going… and I don’t expect the home DVD to look as good as the cinema. But take 3D out of the cinema and it just looks stupid.. so why keep it in the DVD? Those effects don’t need to be replicated on DVD more just taken out from DVD versions and replaced with something that doesn’t look silly.. or have cinema 3D integrated more cleanly without having whole scenes just dedicated to making the film look good in 3D. If it really is put there just for the ‘cinema experience’., it has no place in home viewing. Just scenes like where hes swinging from place to place right at the end of the film to.. I dnno, show off his skills and make for some trailor material.

      Again, thanks for reading and commenting! Hope my reply suffices/explains my thoughts some more =] though I appreciate your opinion greatly and understand theres several ways to argue it from haha

      • Yeah, haha. See that reply gives me a lot more insight to what you were talking about. I am more understanding of your points now. I am glad that you have seen some of them my way too especially with the whole batman vs spiderman thing. I totally see your point about 3D as a whole and not just with that particular film. I my view TV isn’t ready for 3D yet and I certainly don’t want to sit at home with a pair of hugely ridicules and heavy sunglasses on. I think television companies should have used the same technology that nintendo used for their 3ds, granted the images would not come out at you as much but it would still be better than the alternative. P.S I hope my previous comment did not offend you in any way, if it did I apologise.

  4. @mattytoale:
    Ohhh, I don’t know.. 3DS technology has a flaw that you can only watch it from one specific direction… really gives me a headache. Wouldn’t want that near TV! But yeah, they need to find a way around the glasses!

    And to the ‘offence’.. don’t worry 😉 I enjoy a good challenge! Come round more often. Do you have a blog?

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