TV Review: Dr Who (The Snowmen) – Aired BBC1 Tuesday the 25th December

With an endless quest to wrap complex storylines into an hour, the new series of Dr Who presented us another of its’ Christmas episodes. This episode was no exception. While entertaining, the whole thing was rushed. It could have been a captivating two parter… or a series of episodes that showed more detail with a sense of mystery and better character depth. Instead we were served an oddly paced episode where the best part was a ‘revelation’ at the end. The doctor seemed to take one look at the new girl in town and fell head over heels in an instant. Is he too cool to say ‘hi’ anymore?

However quickly introduced, Oswald was a charming as ever. The end of the episode sets up her continuation in the series and it looks as if they’re going to play it quite well. However, it could go either way. It seems the plot is building up so much as the series progress that the writers are drowning in it. It’s what’s makes the doctor seem so bewildered and indecisive: one series he’s upset and not letting people travel with him, next series he’s letting people, now he’s not again but suddenly he is? Or is he? Who Knows?

The other elements of the episode were ok. The monster wasn’t scary, but the monsters snowy ‘henchmen’ looked pretty cool. The other characters were annoying and unnecessary, but I guess the Sontaran was alright for the humour. But… where was the message? Where was the Christmas spirit? It’s almost like the writers were so pressured with trying to make this a turning point for the series that they forgot that this was a Christmas episode. They should stop this new ‘let’s make less episodes’ strategy and just get back to writing good quality episodes.



4 thoughts on “TV Review: Dr Who (The Snowmen) – Aired BBC1 Tuesday the 25th December

    • Yeah.. I’ve been fairly negative with it, but it wasn’t a /bad/ episode.. it just had a lot of faults. I don’t want to say Dr Who is going down-hill, but the writing does seem to be getting worse in this new series.

    • Haha, yeah… I decided not to mention that but I disliked how they just seemed to add in a lesbian couple.. cause, y’know its “nice to show acceptance”. No! If the show doesn’t benefit from having a random love interest (whether bi, straight or gay).. don’t have it in! Same for random side characters that don’t even make sense within the story… shes a lizard-woman… Victorians would believe it was a skin condition and think nothing more of it?.. right.

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