Film Review: Silent Hill: Revelation, directed by Michael J. Bassett

In my housemate rushes to tell me how they’ve just bought Silent Hill Revelation for ten pounds and want to watch it. “Okay!” I agree, not knowing what I’ve let myself in for. “Ok, so usually sequels aren’t great, right? But hey, this one has Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones in it”, is what I thought.  I regret it. This movie is awful. It was released back in 2012, directed by Michael J. Bassett (who also had a hand in Soloman Kane). Shall I say, he should never have bothered? The original Silent Hill (2006, directed by Christophe Gans),  was based on a popular console game of the same name and was commended for its atmosphere. Unfortunately, what it lacked was film-savy plot. Its sequal, therefore, was never going to be great.

In this film, Heather Mason (the kid from the first film) is now considerably older and living with her father. Her father disappears and the people of silent hill want her, and her newly introduced love-interest, to return to Silent Hill. Why? I don’t even know. But for some reason they want her back, so we can see the extended footage of what we saw in the first movie, but in less of a creepy setting. Oh, but before we get there, we just have to see our heroine in some sort of kid playground which for some reason has a load of psycho clowns in it. This links, of course, to the finale which takes place in an old fashioned theme park.

The script and acting are awful, we get no character development and the exposition is given so clumsily because this film has no plot of its own. It was probably only made because someone thought the triangle-head guy would look funky in 3D.

Go home and try again, Bassett.

Rating: 1/10


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