Film Review: The Room, Directed by Tommy Wiseau

I first heard of The Room watching the Nostalgia Critic Review and have since heard my friends chatting about it. Now finally came the time when we decided to watch it just to see how bad it was. We weren’t disappointed. Tommy Wiseau made the film in 2003, being the flick’s director, writer, producer and actor. While this might sound… stupid or impressive depending on how you view it, it’s not really showing off his talents.  Shots were re-used blatantly and he was the worst actor in it. It’s laughable. In fact as the film gained popularity for being one of ‘the worst movies ever made, Wiseau even re-pitched it to be a comedy rather than the original intention for a serious drama.

The plot follows Wiseau’s character Johnny and his fiancée Lisa. Lisa decides she’s had enough of old Johnny and starts seeing his best friend mark. Around all this, there’s various… I guess what you could call ‘sub-plots’. These include the quickest dealing with a drug dealer imaginable, involving the young Denny who “just likes to watch” Johnny and Lisa in their day to day lives. That’s not the only odd line. There are some odd and very poorly acted lines. From Wiseau shouting “I did not hit her, I did not” to Lisa’s mother boldly declaring she “definitely has breast cancer”. There’s simply no sub-text and many pointless scenes. There’s one scene where a couple just walks in to Johnny and Lisa’s house, then Lisa’s mother walks in. She says “What are these two characters doing here?”… well you tell us, cause we sure don’t know.

No matter how you ‘pitch it’; there is nothing good about The Room. It’s a story that’s way too big for itself, has an awful script, just as bad acting and is directed, acted in and written by a guy who should have never had his own company.

Just so you can experience its terrible ‘highlghts’, here’s a fan-made soundboard:

Rating: 0/10


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