Film Review: The Prestige, Directed by Christopher Nolan

This mystery drama came out back in 2006, but I only recently had it suggested to me. Christopher Nolan is more well known for his take on Batman (Batman Begins in 2005, The Dark Knight in 2008 and the Dark Knight Rises in 2012) and I feel The Prestige has been lost under the super-hero hype. The film tells the tale of two magicians in the 19th century. The two become rivals after the death of Robert’s wife Julia in one of their tricks. Both become famous but also obsessed with the others tricks, trying to expose their competition.

As with a few of Nolan’s films, it’s very cleverly made.  The interactions between the two rivalling characters flow smoothly and we can root for either side. Forget ‘Team Edward’ or ‘Team Jacob’; bring on ‘Team Hugh Jackman’ or ‘Team Charitian Bale’. Either side you choose, both characters are great and their plans of sabotage even greater. One of the main interests of the film is getting to see a glimpse of history not really covered in history books: magic. Magic has always entertained audiences and I gain a certain mild inside knowledge as my fathers a magician. This magic knowledge unfortunately let me have a good stab at the ending twist (or fortunately on my count, I find certain sweetness in being able to guess a twist). However, there were still things that were a surprise and the twist is very well done.

Whether you just like Nolan films, or you have an interest in magic… or if you enjoy watching two people try and mess the other’s life up, give this film a shot!

Rating: 9/10

And, for your entertainment, heres a video about Christian Bale that ran through my head as I watched the film: (Contains swearing and cartoon nudity)

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