TV Review – Dr Who (Cold War) series 7 part 2 episode 3, Aired BBC1 Saturday 13th April

New episode to the season and we see the classic space traveller landing the Tardis on a sinking Russian submarine. The episode is set sometime in the cold war and we see a sudden problem when a random soldier suddenly decides to defrost an Ice Warrior that’s stored in the sub’s hold. Wait… lets slow down. So, the marine, part of the team the captain says are ‘so trustworthy’, simply decides to defrost a ‘precious find’ because he ‘couldn’t wait’? I would hope these trained men would follow orders a little more strictly.

Ah well, so the doctor appears and he rushes around trying to save the day. It’s all very plain. Not many jokes, a little bit of fear, an old monster from the past. Not that it’s a bad episode, but it’s very ‘seen that’. The monster was… ok. The puppet used for the creature’s claws were awfully fake and looked stupid when it was clasping onto the marine’s heads. The rest of the creature looked good though, especially a shot where you see it part in shadow later on in the episode. It’s a bit of a mixed batch. The actions of the creature were pretty cool, I guess. He went on a bit of a rebel streak and the doctor was a little scared. There were just a few unanswered questions, such as: why was he so vengeful? Sure he might be a bit upset he’s been sitting down there for a few thousand years… but you’d get over it. You surely wouldn’t care about some random planet’s problems and decide to destroy the world.

I don’t know, it was an average episode: fairly entertaining but nothing spectacular.

Rating: 4/10


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