Brief Film Reviews 1-5


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A post apocalyptic children’s tale about some rag dolls that have been created to come to life. I remember the animation being impressive and the plot being fairly simple. Some of the animation for this film is seriously cool though: like the scary skeleton-like dogs that hunt down the main characters. It’s a shame the main characters are so… freaky looking. I remember not caring too much for the plot but whisked away by the cool world. For a kid’s story it is quite dark and gritty which is exactly what it needs. Quite a nice tale.


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I’m not one for historically based dramas or for army films, so I was impressed that this kept my attention. It was about the Spartan army of 300 men going to war with the Persians: who have a much larger army. I don’t think it was that historically accurate… but it has some nice battle scenes I guess. Pretty and good looking for the time. I enjoyed what plot was memorable and Ephialtes: the hunchback who just wants to help, was pretty cool.


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I quite like this film but don’t expect a scary horror. It’s more a suspenseful ‘let’s appreciate this story’ kind of thriller, based on the Steven King story. It perhaps goes on a little too long and doesn’t give too big a payoff but it’s a nice story. The best part hands down are the two main stars: John Cusack, and as a minor role Samuel L Jackson. Really, John Cusack is amazing in this film. He plays writer Mike Enslin who goes through hell while staying in the Dolphin hotel. Good for the creep factor, but don’t expect to be hiding under the covers.


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Dumb apocalyptic move about the suspected ‘end of the world’ in 2012. John Cusack again, flying in a helicopter with his family trying to find a safe part of the world to survive in. It has nice visuals, but pretty much only sold on that. Fills you with questions, such as ‘why do the disasters always happen when John Cusack is around’? Or ‘why doesn’t this movie think about what it’s doing?’ As far as science is concerned, it seems the directors were trying… and in fact got a few things right, but then on the other hand got some things very wrong.

10’000 BC

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I remember hardly anything about this movie, besides the fact I’ve seen it and it was long and boring. I got caught in by the trailers at the time of its release which showed some impressive visuals. I guess they were ok. But a lot of the plot was drawn out. The main actor looks awful. I don’t know how accurate it was trying to be, but I think it lost out there too. Just… unmemorable. I can remember episodes of shows I’ve not seen for 10 years better than I can this movie. Take from that what you will.


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