My Top 10 Movies of 2014

I have seen exactly 11 movies this year (released in 2014, according to the Wikipedia list film 2014). What a perfect number to do a top 10!

What Missed out? Inbetweeners 2

I loved The Inbetweeners, and the first film, but this one… it didn’t quite hit the same mark. Perhaps I went into the cinema with high expectations, but It just didn’t get me laughing as much as the first. In this sequal, the friends from the series go to visit Jay, who has been taking a gap year in Australia. He fills their heads with all the ‘pussay’ he has been getting and how his days are party-filled. However, when the guys decide to visit him they find out he wasn’t exactly telling the truth. I enjoyed it, it was alright. If you are a fan of the series give it a shot, but I had heard so much praise and seen so many adverts saying how much funnier it was and it just felt forced. The cast and producers only made the movie in the first place because the fans demanded more, perhaps they should have been more resilient.

Number #10


I was excited for this movie. The trailer had that awesome tense music over views of planes falling from the sky. And not just Godzilla featured in this trailer, but some other mysterious mega-creature! When I finally saw it, I was quite disappointed. I appreciated that they were trying to keep a documentary style and only show what the humans would see of the creatures, but what do you go to a Godzilla movie to see? Cause I go to see GODZILLA. Not flashes of Godzilla, or Godzilla’s leg. Godzilla. Or other creatures. Whatever, just give me a decent plot and some massive omg-impressive creature smashing city action! The constant glimpse of creatures, then suddenly rushing off is good for build-up, but the few scenes we did get some monster action just wasn’t enough. Which is why Godzilla was at the bottom of my list. Which is a shame, because Brian Cranston was great!

Number #9

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Don’t think just cause this is near the bottom that makes this a bad movie. 2014 was a strong year for blockbuster film and it just happens this (while being pretty awesome) couldn’t climb any higher. In this last film of the Hobbit trilogy, we see Bilbo and the dwarves on their adventures, leading them from the fury of a dragon, to the midst of a (as the title suggests) battle of five different armies. Everyone was worried about this one. It pretty much takes three chapters of the book and stretches it into a film, but I was pleasantly surprised. While the placement of the movie swaps were a little odd (perhaps they should have had Smaug’s attack on the city at the end of the second, or more build up towards it) the scenes of the battle were paced incredibly well. Not at one moment was I bored of battle scenes, which is a big feat as this is ¾ of the film. Bilbo, and Gandalf and all the recognisable characters were pleasant as usual. It was all a solid end to an iffy Trilogy idea.

Number #8

How to Train Your Dragon 2

This was another one I was nervous about: could it be better than the first film? And what would the plot be? Would it keep the characters? So many questions! And it satisfied all of them. Yes it was as good as the first. Some say better, but I’m going to say on par (though that’s great with me). The plot as hinted in the trailer begins that on Hiccup’s journeys he sees a team of dragon capturers and fears that soon they will head to his home island and steal their dragons. So he follows them to solve the mystery of why they are capturing dragons. While this sounds simple, it soon weaves and winds to different avenues and keeps the action lively. The best part, besides the usual dragon-action, has to be the beautiful song about half way. It’s great that children’s movies can capture both the exciting action, and also keep in touch with the emotional scenes. This series is amazing, and we need more like it!

Number #7

Captain America: Winter Soldier

This is the sequel to the Captain America film released in 2011, and also touching on The Avengers in 2012. Marvel’s surge in popularity has allowed them to ensure interweaving films and endless sequels. However, that doesn’t mean the sequels are losing quality: something seen in this. We follow the famous Captain as he deals with a new enemy, known as the Winter Soldier.  Not only this but Nick Fury suspects that S.H.I.E.L.D has been compromised and there are threats on both his and the Captain’s life. As usual, the film is action-packed (with very nicely performed fight scenes) and lots of big impressive CGI. Enough to get him to a fighting position of 7, but unfortunately behind the second marvel film of the list…

Number #6

Guardians of the Galaxy

What a success this was for Marvel. At first people were a bit speculative, as the characters aren’t as well known as the big ones of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk… but they soon proved they should be. This origin story shows the team known as Guardians of the Galaxy meet, including Chris Pratt (as Peter Quill), Zoe Saldana (as Gamora), Dave Bautista (as Drax), Vin Diesel (voicing Groot) and Bradley Cooper (voicing Rocket). The team have to save the galaxy from villain Ronan the Accuser with his plot to use an infinity stone. The best parts of this film are it’s humour, it’s action, and of course it’s soundtrack. The film uses a large selection of 70s and 80s music that adds a certain charm. It seems Marvel fans love new as well as old and I’m sure they will keep them coming.

Number #5

The Lego Movie

At an unfortunately low number, we have this beautiful children’s movie. The Lego Movie showed children’s films what they should be doing: with great action scenes, just as great humour and a finale that touched the hearts of anyone that played with Lego. While past Lego films have been accused of being a marketing ploy, this time they actually tried and created a masterpiece in terms of children’s entertainment. But it doesn’t just appeal to the children, as adults can get a lot of fun from it too. The plot follows regular-guy Emmet as he is drawn into a prophesy to save the world. Lord Business is planning on freezing everyone in place to make the world perfect and Emmet and his master-builder friends must work to create new designs to try and stop him. A simple plot that takes us through many beautiful sets, all made of Lego pieces. Not only that but it has hilarious writing, and a stupendously catchy song none of us can get out of our heads. Remember, everything is awesome.

 Number #4

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Yet another sequal, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes released in 2011. Set further in the future, the human race has been reduced drastically by a virus formed from genetical testing in the first film. This one follows both a human survivor’s camp and the home of the apes as they struggle to live alongside each other. This fiery film doesn’t pull punches with some exciting fight scenes and a slow build-up of character development. A must see for fans of the Planet of the Apes films, and a must see for anyone who thinks an ape firing two machine guns from the top of a tank is the most awesome thing ever.

Number #3

X-Men: Days of Future Past

This sequel to X-Men: First Class hit all the right notes early this year as people flocked to the cinema to see it. The X-Men send Wolverine (played by the amazing Hugh Jackman) back to the past to try and prevent the sentinels from destroying both humans and mutants. A great cast and a beautiful plot help this popular series reach new heights as we get the thrills of seeing big names like James McAvoy (Young Xavier), Michael Fassbender (young Magneto) and Jennifer Lawrence (Mistique) doing what they do. Lots of exciting mutant fun takes this to number 3.

Number #2


One of two amazing films this year was Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. It explored new areas of theoretical science and weaved an exciting, heart-breaking and intelligent story. Matthew McConaughey was fantastic as usual, as a father who joins a space exploration mission hoping to find a planet the human race can re-locate and re-populate when the earth is dying. Go see this one, you can’t miss it!

Number #1

Gone Girl

It was difficult to choose between Interstellar and Gone Girl, but in the end Gone Girl won out. Based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, it follows desperate husband Nick Dune whose wife goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. What follows is a beautifully written tale full of twists and turns. The writing sells this three hour flick, as well as the great direction from David Fincher. This movie keeps you guessing and never lets you down and is a definite must-see.


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